Environmental protection and sustainability at Schmincke


Irrespective of the fact that production is as gentle as possible and that many natural or renewable raw materials are used, there are some special products with a direct focus on environmental and sustainability aspects, such as Norma® Professional Random Grey 2021, which is formulated based on surpluses from pastel production, or the vegan liquid charcoal. Schmincke offers three different colour shades here. The three pigments of natural origin used (PBk 8, core black) are produced by charring fruit pits from the EU area.

For many years now, a large photovoltaic system on the company roof in Erkrath has ensured environmentally friendly energy generation and feed-in. The company's energy needs are now covered 100% by green electricity and green gas. In addition, we are constantly working on improving energy efficiency.

A wastewater pre-treatment plant and various technical facilities for reducing wastewater make an important contribution to the responsible use of water as a resource.

By providing many e-charging stations, Schmincke creates an incentive for employees to switch to electric-powered vehicles. Most company cars are already electric or hybrid models. Furthermore, Schmincke supports the mobility (and fitness) of its employees by participating in the Job Bike program (www.bikeleasing.de). Here, employees are provided with (electric) bicycles for professional and private use for a minimal contribution.

As far as packaging is concerned, most of the containers and cardboard boxes are recyclable or already made of recycled material. The wood for the durable, high-quality painting boxes comes 100% from sustainable forestry.

Finally, by shipping the parcels throughout Europe with GLS and their Klimaprotect program, we increase our share of climate-neutral shipping.  The freight company uses a whole bunch of targeted activities to compensate, reduce and avoid CO2 emissions.

True to the founding motto of 1881 "Meliora cogito" (I strive for the best), it is Schmincke's declared aim to set new and its own standards in terms of environmental protection, sustainability, and climate neutrality, now and in the future.