Lightfast 4 - Gouache assortments




The AKADEMIE® GOUACHE assortment has been enlarged to 30 opaque, mat and powerful colours (incl. gold and silver). It is a didactically elaborated assortment for different colour-mixing systems (3-, 5- and 6-colours + each white and black) for art, art education and art therapy. All colours have a high lightfastness (only 4* and 5*), an enhanced intensity and colour depth as well as a very good price-value ratio. They are completely rewettable but can be overpainted after drying. Pure or thinned with water, they can be applied on all absorbent grounds, e.g. paper and cardboard. Available in 60 ml tubes and now also in 250 ml bottles.




Schmincke’s DESIGNERs GOUACHE has been optimized to a well-balanced assortment with 48 velvet-mat colours of highest opacity and colour intensity. All colours have an easy and streak-free application. They can be applied with an airbrush (? 0.3 mm nozzle) and remain rewettable after drying. The lightfastness has been improved. All colours have very good mixing properties and are available in 20 ml tubes, black and white also in 120 ml tubes



Finest artists‘ Calligraphy Gouache 

The finest artists’ Calligraphy Gouache is a specially developed colour for calligraphy. The colours in this range are brilliant and largely opaque and their basic consistency is ideal for a wide variety of application forms in calligraphy. They are water-dilutable for individual consistencies. The selected coloristic allows various mixing options and contains additionally a highly opaque white and an extreme deep black. Calligraphy Gouache contains 12 colours including unique pearlescent shades of silver and gold pearl in tubes of 20 ml, and is available in both an assortment set (Art. No. 72028) and separately.