Application tip: Candy Colours (normally) will be applied from bright to dark and in combination with the AERO COLOR® effect colours. The strongest depth effect can be achieved in a 3-layer-application: onto a silver ground coat with e.g. AERO METALLIC brilliant silver (28906) you apply the Candy Colours, followed by e.g. the AERO final lacquer glossy (50610).

The 9 Candy Colours are available in the wee known 28 ml pipette bottles separately and in a cardboard set with all 9 colours.

The Candy Colour assortment contains the following colours: Sunflower Yellow (28022), Sunbeam Yellow (28024), Yellow-Gold (28026), Poppy Red (28030), Flame Red (28033), Wine Red (28036), Sky Blue (28041), Teak Brown (28064), Smoke Black (28072).


Lightfast 6 - AERO COLOR® Professional Candy Colours