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NEW: AKADEMIE® Acryl color Ink - the liquid form of AKADEMIE® Acryl color


Lightfast 12 - February/March 2019


Dear friends of finest artists‘ colours!

We hope that you had a good start into a new, creative and colourful year and wish you all the best for 2019. We are – as always - pleased to present our new products at the beginning of the year. At the end of January we presented them to the international trade at the "Creative World" trade fair in Frankfurt.

The AKADEMIE® Acryl colour Ink completes the AKADEMIE® Acryl colour series with 36 liquid, intense and waterproof colours. Additionally, College® Linoprint has been expanded to 12 colours, including three spectacular neon colours. Of course, there are also new clips and - as a creative suggestion for the beginning of the year - a winter pastel motif in our blog post.

Enjoy discovering our new products in 2019.

Your Lightfast Team

BLOG "Fading Light" with Schmincke Pastels

NEW: Videoclips full of knowledge

The popular College® Lino colours are ideally suited for didactic purposes. They have now been extended to a compact range of 12 colours.

  • Artist linoprint colours in student quality
  • 12 colours (9 standard and as a special 3 neon tones) in 75ml plastic tubes, additionally white and black in a 237ml jar, cardboard set 5x 75 ml in a new design
  • Low-odour, water-based linoprint colours
  • Even printing results
  • Good miscibility with each other and with all LINO mediums

The linoprint colours for beginners are easy to mix and are ideal for didactic purposes, e.g. in schools, also due to its good price-performance ratio. The three neon colours offer a fresh complement for particularly luminous printing results. All colours can be mixed and combined with the aqua linoprint colours from Schmincke, as well as with all aqua Lino mediums from the professional range. Thus, even beginners in linoprinting can work with Schmincke colours and can achieve beautiful printing results.

NEW: College® Linoprint - Now available in 12 colours in student quality

AKADEMIE® Acryl color is now also available in a liquid form, as “pigmented acrylic ink” for painting and writing with our liners No. 2-6 (except the colours gold and silver).

  • 36 cadmium-free colours in a stable 50 ml pipette-plastic bottle
  • Identical pigmentation, coloristic and numbering as AKADEMIE® Acryl color – ideal compatibility
  • Shake before use - easily due to a glass ball
  • Dries water-resistant
  • Application with brush, pipette, drawing pen, Liner and airbrush (sprayable from 0.3 mm nozzle)

With this innovation Schmincke combines the high quality of the proven AKADEMIE® acrylic color with the idea of having both a pastose and a liquid version in the AKADEMIE® acrylic range. 

The 36 cadmium-free colours correspond in colouristics, pigmentation and numbering to the AKADEMIE® Acryl color and make it so easy for the painter to assign and combine the colours. With the same colour tone, the ink appears slightly more transparent and slightly shinier than the corresponding AKADEMIE® Acrylic colour tone.

The ink is universally applicable with brushes, liners and spray guns. Due to the high-quality binder, all colours are lightfast, drying brilliantly and have a good adhesion. 

AKADEMIE® Acryl color Ink: 

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Tutorial AKADEMIE® Acryl color Ink

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You can find many more clips on products, techniques and applications on our YouTube channel: 

If you would like to find out more about our new products, you will find them together with creative ideas in our new clips, which are now online for you:

by Les Darlow

In this step by step instruction the British artist Les Darlow will show you how he builds up a pastel painting which focusses the light in a snowy landscape and how he includes the paper surface into his painting....

Please note:
The described product attributes and application examples have been tested in the Schmincke laboratory. The information is based on our current state of technical findings and experience. Due to the diversity of applications in terms of painting techniques, materials and working conditions, as well as numerous possible influences, this information is based on a general application range. A legally binding guarantee of specific attributes or the suitability for a specific usage purpose cannot be derived from our information; therefore the use of the products must be adapted to the users' individual conditions and tested in trials. For this reason, we cannot provide a warranty for product attributes and/or assume liability for damages that occur in connection with the use of our products.
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