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Lightfast 14 - May/June 2019



Dear friends of finest artists’ colours!

This newsletter is mainly dedicated to oil painting, because we were able to develop four unique MUSSINI® special colours with rare pigments, which we would like to present.

As inspiration, the well-known German artist Werner Maier takes us to a painted brook and shows us step by step how this colourful oil painting has been created.

We also have a third clip for you from our co-production with the Royal Watercolor Society - this time on landscape painting with HORADAM® GOUACHE.

We wish you a wonderful start into the summer!

Your Lightfast Team

NEW: MUSSINI® special colours in limited edition

We are pleased to offer four unique MUSSINI® specialties. We are happy that we were able to source these rare pigments. With these particularly precious, limited colours Schmincke offers oil painters the unique opportunity to add colours such as Shungite Black, Topaz Orange, Ruby Red or Lapis lazuli to their personal palette and to get to know colours based on mineral or semi-precious stones.

Lapis lazuli (10 488)

The colour lapis lazuli (it resembles ultramarine blue) contains real lapis lazuli obtained from the well-known semi-precious stone. Highly pigmented and semitransparent, it is a real rarity. The precious lapis lazuli, from which the pigment known as "ultramarine" was extracted, has been known since the 11th century. It can be found in temple paintings in India and China. In Europe it was used since the early Middle Ages mainly for church paintings. Today the colour Ultramarine is mainly produced synthetically. MUSSINI® Lapis lazuli, which Schmincke also rubs on the historic stone roller, gives the painter the unique opportunity to once paint with the genuine Ultramarine Lapis lazuli.

All MUSSINI® special colours are filled after 3 months of storage into the 15ml tubes. With the limited edition Schmincke offers oil painters some unusual specialties which are available since April as long as stocks last.

Topaz Orange (10 903)

The MUSSINI® Topaz Orange is an opaque, richly coloured and sparkling brown orange. Its pigment is extracted from the mineral phyllosilicate, one of the hardest naturally occurring minerals. 

The name Topaz comes from the Greek language, the mining of Topaz takes place today in Brazil, Russia, Afghanistan and Mexico. Due to its hardness and colour variance - there are orange, blue and pink topaz among others - the topaz is especially used as a gemstone.

Ruby Red (10 904)

The MUSSINI® ruby red gives the painter an opaque, bright, sparkling red. Its pigment is also extracted from the mineral phyllosilicate and belongs to the group of pearlescent pigments.

The ruby is a red variant of the mineral corundum, whereby the shade can vary between pale and dark red. The name ruby derives from the Middle Latin term "rubinus" for "the red". Already in the Bronze Age rubies are said to have been mined in Myanmar and the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans knew rubies as special stones.

Shungite Black (10 794)

The MUSSINI® Shungite Black is a deep, sparkling, strong coloured black of highest lightfastness with slow drying properties. Its pigment is obtained from real shungite. This makes it an unusual colour due to both the historical age of the shungite pigment and its sparkling appearance.

Shungites are black stones that were formed at least 600 million years ago, consist mainly of carbon and are found only in a few places in Russia (e.g. Karelia), Northern Finland and some areas in India. Shungites are used to produce black colour (icon-painting black), but also in polished form for jewellery production.

All MUSSINI® special colours are filled after 3 months of storage into the 15ml tubes. With the limited edition Schmincke offers oil painters some unusual specialties which are available since April as long as stocks last.

NEW: Videoclip Gouache painting with Bridget Moore

Together with the Royal Watercolour Society (RWS), London, we have – as you already know -produced a series of clips. We would like to recommend you the last one on landscape painting with Schmincke HORADAM® GOUACHE with the British artist Bridget Moore. Enjoy the beautiful shots!

You can find many more clips on products, techniques and applications on our YouTube channel: 

BLOG: Oil painting “Summer idyll at the brook”

from Werner Maier 

Landscape painting is still very popular among oil painters. The luminous, intense colour effects of this painting by Werner Maier are an excellent example of an impressionistic oil painting. He works on a ground primed with acrylic colours on which he then works out the motif with oil colours. The artist shows us step by step how he works...

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