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Lightfast 18 - November/December 2019


Dear friends of finest artists‘ colours!

The cold season is dawning, the days are getting darker and we have the perfect fitting range of cold colours to paint with: Our HORADAM® watercolour range contains so many different shades of blue that there should be something beautiful for everyone.

Christmas is slowly approaching. We have lots of attractive gift boxes for you, so beautiful that they don't necessarily have to be given away...

And finally, something sweet - a step by step blog post about donuts in acrylic. At least they don't anchor on your hips.

Enjoy the cosy season and treat yourself to inspiring leisure time!

Your Lightfast Team

NEW: Beautiful gift boxes full of inspiring colours



Finest artists' watercolours


Metal set with leather case, 12 x small pans (Special Selection) 


  • 215 - lemon yellow
  • 217 - quinacridone gold hue
  • 218 - transparent orange
  • 341 - geranium red
  • 352 - magenta
  • 371 - perylene violet
  • 493 - French ultramarine
  • 479 - helio cerulean
  • 519 - pthalo green
  • 524 - may green
  • 784 - perylene green
  • 782 - neutral tint

You can find these and many more beautiful (gift) boxes here - available in participating retail shops!


Do you know … how many wonderful blue colours are in our HORADAM® watercolour assortment?


They are so many….

With the colour blue we associate the radiant sky and the wide sea. Blue awakens a sense of distance and longing and has a calming effect, perhaps because the sky and the sea form large, calm surfaces for the eye to linger in... Blue also stands for peace, harmony and contentment - no wonder that blue is the favourite colour of many people.

The spectrum of blue tones ranges from blue violet to reddish blue tones, neutral blue to yellowish blue and turquoise. There are light and dark, delicate and rich blues and each has its own effect on the observer. In order to capture as many blues as possible, the HORADAM® watercolour range contains a total of 25 blues, of which we would like to present those with the largest sky and sea association.

BLOG: Sweet Donuts mit der AKADEMIE® Acryl color

by Tanja Geier

Liquid acrylic colours are currently very popular as they are suitable for painting and illustrating in acrylic as well as watercolour - like designs and letterings. The illustrator Tanja Geier shows us step by step how delicious donuts can be made - also in acrylic. 


Please note:
The described product attributes and application examples have been tested in the Schmincke laboratory. The information is based on our current state of technical findings and experience. Due to the diversity of applications in terms of painting techniques, materials and working conditions, as well as numerous possible influences, this information is based on a general application range. A legally binding guarantee of specific attributes or the suitability for a specific usage purpose cannot be derived from our information; therefore the use of the products must be adapted to the users' individual conditions and tested in trials. For this reason, we cannot provide a warranty for product attributes and/or assume liability for damages that occur in connection with the use of our products.
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