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Lightfast 19 - December 2019/January 2020


Dear friends of finest artists‘ colours!

Even if the time before Christmas may be a little hectic at times, we would like to sweeten it with some creative input. If you'd like to print a couple of last minute Christmas cards, we'll show you how easy it is. And for the oil painters who are always wondering whether Schmincke also has water-miscible oil colours in its range, we answer the question quite simple: You don't have to buy a new range - we have two mediums that make every oil colour water-miscible. Read here how this works.

The creative year is ending and of course we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a good new, colourful and healthy year. Also in 2020, we will do our best to provide you with best artists’ colours and lots of inspiration.

All the best,

Your Lightfast Team 

Did you know… How to make your oil colours water miscible?


Schmincke Medium W (50043) and Medium W Gel (50143)

Occasionally we are asked why Schmincke does not have any water-miscible oil colours in their range apart from the 4 existing oil and resin oil colours MUSSINI®, Norma® Professional, AKADEMIE® Öl color as well as College® Oil. Some artists want to work without solvents when diluting and cleaning their brushes and working tools and therefore resort to such colours.

The answer is as simple as it is convincing: Schmincke offers a simple medium, the Medium W, which makes any oil and resin oil colour water miscible and ensures that brushes and co. can be cleaned only with water afterwards!

Blog: Linoprinting with Schmincke aqua linoprinting colours

by Andrea Kasten


Small, multi-coloured motif prints with linoprinting colours represent a special attraction of this printing technique. Overlapping colours even turn easy to carve motifs into small works of art, either as a picture or as a postcard print. The artist Andrea Kasten shows in clear steps how this works.


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The described product attributes and application examples have been tested in the Schmincke laboratory. The information is based on our current state of technical findings and experience. Due to the diversity of applications in terms of painting techniques, materials and working conditions, as well as numerous possible influences, this information is based on a general application range. A legally binding guarantee of specific attributes or the suitability for a specific usage purpose cannot be derived from our information; therefore the use of the products must be adapted to the users' individual conditions and tested in trials. For this reason, we cannot provide a warranty for product attributes and/or assume liability for damages that occur in connection with the use of our products.
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