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Lightfast 29 - March/April 2021


Dear friends of finest artists‘ colours!

The beauty of spring is that everything - regardless of the circumstances - is set to start afresh. At Schmincke, this means that in spring we traditionally provide you with beautiful products that carry the spirit of new inspiration.  Today we are presenting three new and very special products from the oil paint range: First, the limited annual edition "Random Grey 2021" from Norma® Professional, which not only impresses with the idea of sustainability. Second, we have two new specialties from the MUSSINI®, with the idea that BLUE as the colour of hope fits particularly well right now. Let us surprise you.

We would also like to introduce you to our long-time partner and brand ambassador Evan Woodruffe from New Zealand as an interesting and extremely inspiring artist - we are sure his unusual works will catch you, too.

We wish you all the best, stay healthy and creative!

Your Lightfast team

NEW: Norma® Professional "Random Grey Edition 2021"


With this limited special annual edition Schmincke starts a unique series of "random grey tones" for oil painting. The idea of “Random grey”: under sustainability aspects, every year the surplus pastel leftovers from the costly hand production will be reused. Since the pastels are made of almost 100% pigment, the remains can be reused without any problems: Using an edge mill we produce a special pigment mixture, from which a unique annual edition of Norma® oil colour is formulated. This grey colour is "random" due to the always varying amounts of pigment mixtures remaining and cannot be reproduced. Over the years, special Norma® Professional grey shades are created in this way - certainly a special highlight for collectors and oil painters who are eager to experiment. The colour "Random Grey Edition 2021" is available in 35 ml tubes while stocks last.


140 years of MUSSINI® finest artists‘ resin-oil colours



Lapis lazuli and YInMn blue - In search of the special blue 

Artists today are in the fortunate position of having a wide range of colours to choose from and with which they often have many years of experience. But wouldn't it also be nice to try something completely new, unique, something that did not exist before or that is so rare that you can hardly find it?

With the two limited special colours "Lapis lazuli" and "YInMn Blue" from the MUSSINI® series, Schmincke offers oil painters exclusively two blue colours which could not be more special and different in their origin. The highly lightfast colours are based on very special pigments, are manufactured exclusively on a historical stone mill and have the following characteristics:


Lapis lazuli (10488)

  • Inorganic
  • Base: Semi-precious stone "Lapis lazuli"

  • Historically, used since the 11th century
  • Limited resources (Chile/Afghanistan), probably therefore last pigment delivery
  • Semi-transparent  
  • Brilliant      
  • Similar to ultramarine         






YlnMn blue (10499) 

  • Inorganic
  • Base: rare expensive elements yttrium (Y), indium (In) and manganese (Mn)
  • Modern, discovered in 2009
  • Very complex pigment production

  • Opaque      
  • Highly brilliant        
  • Slightly more reddish than ultramarine       





So, if you are looking for that special blue and want to create a unique painting experience, these two limited MUSSINI® colours Lapis lazuli and YInMn blue are just right for you! Available in 15 ml special edition tubes. 

By the way: Even though MUSSINI® is a finest artists’ resin-oil colour, it can be mixed and combined with all normal oil colours!

Interview with an artist: Evan Woodruffe


We are happy to introduce Evan Woodruffe, an unusual artist, long-time partner and Schmincke brand ambassador. Evan's great expertise in artist materials and his unique works make him an indispensable partner and friend. In this interview, he tells us how he started to paint with Schmincke colours and what makes him special as an artist:   


What’s your name, where are you from?
My name is Evan Woodruffe. I was born and live in Auckland, New Zealand, a city built on 50 volcanoes and surrounded by the sea.

Since when and in which techniques do you mainly work?
Before 2014, I worked in a representational style mainly in oil colours. I wanted to expand my vocabulary, and during my MFA degree I developed my current abstract painting approach, using mostly acrylic colours.


Please note:
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