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Pouring technique – the hottest trend in acrylic painting

For this technique, acrylic colours can be mixed with a special pouring medium, stacked in different layers in a bin and afterwards be poured onto the painting ground. The colours flow – depending on the mixing ratio with the medium and the composition – more or less uncontrolled into another and form spectacular and bizarre results while drying.


Lightfast 3 - December 2017/ January 2018


Dear friends of finest artists‘ colours!

Just some days before Christmas you probably are very busy with preparations for a great Christmas eve and well-chosen presents. We would like to present you some high-quality Schmincke colour boxes for creative people for nearly all techniques, which are still available at your retailer as a perfect last-minute present. We also would like to inspire you with a step-by-step mixed media collage of our French artist Denise Crolle-Terzaghi which can be realized spontaneously before Christmas and which suits as an individual present, too. As in our example - or varied by you -, the creation promises great fun! A special trend and brandnew in our assortment is an acrylic medium for the pouring technique – the Pouring medium. We will introduce it and show you what it does.

We wish you a peaceful Christmas time and an inspired New Year 2018.


Your Lightfast-Team                      

Creative Tipp: Collage of papers hand-printed with linoprint colours and design drawn with AERO COLOR® Professional acrylic ink

NEW: Pouring medium (50546)

New: Beautiful boxes for Christmas

Also in 2017, we offer various beautiful and useful boxes as perfect Christmas gift for creative people, or maybe for yourself. Some of them we would like to show you here, the full selection you will find at your retailer. 

Denise Crolle-Terzaghi

We would like to present a material collage with prints and papers, drawings and more, made with Aqua linoprint and AERO COLOR® Professional colours by the French artist Denise Crolle-Terzaghi, who is an expert in creative mixed media and printing techniques and a great fan of our finest artists’ colours.

« In love - Two birds »

Please note:
The described product attributes and application examples have been tested in the Schmincke laboratory. The information is based on our current state of technical findings and experience. Due to the diversity of applications in terms of painting techniques, materials and working conditions, as well as numerous possible influences, this information is based on a general application range. A legally binding guarantee of specific attributes or the suitability for a specific usage purpose cannot be derived from our information; therefore the use of the products must be adapted to the users' individual conditions and tested in trials. For this reason, we cannot provide a warranty for product attributes and/or assume liability for damages that occur in connection with the use of our products.
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