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NEW: AERO COLOR® Professional – Candy Colours (Limited edition 2018)

NEW: AKADEMIE®-series boxes in a new design


Lightfast 6 - May/June 2018

Dear friends of finest artists' colours!

We are happy to send you an especially colourful newsletter, just fitting to the full blossom outside. We compiled a full bunch of inspiration: With our (limited) HORADAM® pearl-metallic watercolours you create shiny effects in your watercolour paintings. Our AKADEMIE® series painting boxes now come in a new and fresh design which we now want to present you. And our new incredible intense Candy Colours from AERO COLOR® Professional are the perfect highly transparent addition to our finest fluid acrylic ink.

And, as the outdoor painting season starts, we hope to inspire you with a step by step sketching with the German artist Tine Klein.

Best wishes,

Your Lightfast Team



BLOG: Sketching with AERO COLOR® Professional

With the series "Candy Colours" Schmincke introduces nine highly transparent and intense colours as a perfect accomplishment for AERO COLOR® Professional. Formulated on a pigment- and water-base (instead of solvents and colorants) all colours are highly lightfast and have a special silk gloss. Due to the high transparency, the Candy Colours disseminate their special luminosity and depth effect best on bright and effect surfaces. The colours do not bleed and are totally compatible with all series of AERO COLOR®
Professional (TOTAL COVER, Standard and Effect). They are suitable for airbrush, liner, brush, dip pen etc. and they are ready to use.

We proudly present our AKADEMIE®-boxes (acrylic, oil, gouache) in a new and fresh design and we hope you'll like them as much as we do.

Limited edition

Schmincke creates shining watercolour moments. With the new gold and pearl-metallic edition there are now 18 special colour shades of the high quality HORADAM® watercolours in half pans, based on mica pigments available.

6 gold-pearlmetallic colours

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NEW: Pearlmetallic colours

by Tine Klein

Tine's motto is "La dolce vita": Life consists of beautiful moments which one steals and thus, art material has to be spontaneous and quick to use. Actually, she thought that AERO COLOR® Professional is just an airbrush colour.

Now she tells us her experiences...

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