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The last Lightfast Newsletter - December 2021 


Dear friends of finest artists' colours!

As you have already gathered from the headline - after 11 years of "Lightfast" this is the last newsletter we would like to send you now, at the end of a turbulent year.

In the future, we would like to make our information channels faster, more flexible and easier to keep you regularly and up to date. For this purpose, we will increasingly use our website, Facebook and especially our Instagram portal. Here you will always find new products, ideas, and inspirations. There are also regular new clips full of knowledge and inspiration on our YouTube channel. Just take a look!

And so, we decided that with this newsletter we would not only like to wish our loyal readers a Merry Christmas and a good transition into a hopefully good (better), healthy and inspired New Year, but also to thank you all for your loyalty, inspiration, and connectedness.

These channels will be available to you as sources of information in the future:

  •  Our website for all information on all products: www.schmincke.de/en   
  • Our creative blogs: www.schmincke.de/en/creative-blog
  • Instagram for news, inspiration, raffles and much more: Instagram.com/schmincke_official
  • Facebook: facebook.com/schminckefarben
  • Youtube with always new clips about products, artists, and painting techniques: youtube.com/schminckegmb 

But we don't want to say goodbye without a colourful outlook: Our supergranulating HORADAM® watercolours will become a permanent part of our HORADAM® assortment! Let us surprise you!

Best regards from Erkrath,


Your team from Lightfast

NEW as of Jan. 1st, 2022


HORADAM® AQUARELL – 40 Supergranulating colours

The 40 supergranulating colours extend the 140 standard colours of the HORADAM® AQUARELL assortment to 140 + 40.

Good news for fans of supergranulating watercolours: Now the HORADAM® range permanently includes 40 HORADAM® AQUARELL "supergranulating colours" within the three new series “Desert”, “Volcano” and “Shire”. These 40 watercolours have a special property: the combination of at least 2 granulating HORADAM® pigments intensifies the granulating effect to "supergranulation". Supergranulating colours are perfect for painting rough surfaces like stones and rocks, sand, different grounds, skies, grassland and much more.

The colours are often formulated with pigments from different colour ranges, resulting in additional colour changes besides the granulation effect. For example, the colour "Deep Sea Indigo" (14 952) is a combination of violet and green pigments, while "Glacier Brown" (14 965) contains a brown and a green pigment. 

The supergranulating colours are divided into 8 series of 5 colours each: "Deep Sea", "Glacier" "Galaxy", "Forest", "Tundra", "Volcano", "Shire" and "Desert". The colours are available separately in half pans and in 15 ml tubes as well as in theme boxes with 5 tubes à 5ml and 15 ml and full assortment boxes. All supergranulating HORADAM® AQUARELL colours have exclusively 4 and 5 stars lightfastness and contain only pigments already known from HORADAM®. The opacity of the colours is predominantly semi-transparent/semi-opaque and besides pure use all supergranulating colours are perfectly suited in combination with normal HORADAM® watercolours. Combining fine and apparently rough surfaces makes watercolour paintings even more interesting.

Good to know: The natural structure formation of the supergranulating colours varies depending on the paper and the amount of water used. The rougher the paper, the stronger the granulating effect.

Please note:
The described product attributes and application examples have been tested in the Schmincke laboratory. The information is based on our current state of technical findings and experience. Due to the diversity of applications in terms of painting techniques, materials and working conditions, as well as numerous possible influences, this information is based on a general application range. A legally binding guarantee of specific attributes or the suitability for a specific usage purpose cannot be derived from our information; therefore the use of the products must be adapted to the users' individual conditions and tested in trials. For this reason, we cannot provide a warranty for product attributes and/or assume liability for damages that occur in connection with the use of our products.
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