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Gris has been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember. While others eventually went to school, sports, or training Gris continued to paint. And he still continues this passion up to today. When not painting, sketching, or spraying, he imparts his skills as an instructor or indulges in music.

His skills, refined over three decades, accompany him from almost daily sketches on the train to traditional watercolours, contemporary acrylic and mixed-media works to large-scale graffiti.

Your enthusiasm for Schmincke - 8 questions to Gris

In which technique do you primarily work? In watercolour.

Do you have favorite themes? And what inspires you? That's subject to trend. What I almost always like: the untidy, the grubby and people.

Where do you prefer to paint? In the sun. In an almost orthopedically correct posture.

Do you still remember your first Schmincke colour? The first one I got to use and my first set, yes. Surprisingly well, even. I remember my first watercolour painting as if it was yesterday. A carmine-red Christmas ball and a Christmas tree in the background. The set belonged to my uncle's wife at the time and both of us knew what I would get for Christmas after a minute.

What are your favorite colours? HORADAM watercolours and AERO COLOR Professional. Individual favourite tones are also subject to trends.

Here are three HORADAM watercolours that always work:

• Transparent Orange (218)

• Neutral Tint (782)

• Chinacridone Gold Tone (217)

And what makes them so special?

HORADAM watercolours are the most convincing colour system overall. You can never go wrong with it. Unbeatable as a complete set. And AERO COLOR Professional is the most opaque white in liquid form that I could ever find.

How can we learn from you?

In workshops at Grishaus in Berlin, at numerous day events in stores and on painting trips with artistravel or private painting trips to places like France and Italy.

And, of course at home through my online courses on:

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Atelier: Grishaus, Ebersstr.76a, Berlin Schöneberg

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