Indian Ink 1912, Series 29

Finest waterproof ink for drawing, painting, and writing

  • Based on historical Schmincke recipes from 1912 ("Chinese ink")
  • Deep black, highly lightfast, waterproof and document-proof
  • Natural base with shellac as binder
  • In round glass pipette bottles of 28 ml each and 250 ml plastic bottles

High-quality drawing ink

Indian Ink 1912 is a high-quality drawing ink that is perfect for drawing, painting and writing. Based on the historic Schmincke formulas from 1912, also known as "Chinese ink", it offers deep black, absolutely lightfast, waterproof and document-proof characteristics.

Historic shellac-based ink

As early as 1912, Schmincke introduced a similar product called Indian Ink, which was based on shellac and was known for its quality. Today's version of Indian Ink 1912 builds on this heritage and uses shellac as a natural binder. This not only ensures that the ink dries waterproof, but also gives it a special silky sheen.

Ideal for all nibs and brushes

The ink is characterized by its fluid consistency, which makes it perfect for writing, painting and drawing with various nibs and brushes. The neutral deep black (made from the pigment Pbk7) on a natural basis can be used both pure and diluted with water on smooth, satinised papers such as drawing papers. It dries to a silky gloss finish that makes the artwork particularly appealing.

Indian Ink 1912 is available in round glass pipette bottles, each containing 28 ml, as well as in larger 250 ml plastic bottles.

Application hints

We recommend shaking the bottle well before using the ink. After use clean your tools immediately with water (and soap). Please note that this ink is not suitable for fountain pens and should be protected from frost.

Indian Ink 1912