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Cesc Farré

Cesc studied architecture at ETSAV (UPC) in Barcelona, a renowned university where he received a scholarship for the department of graphic expression in the illustration of architectural heritage. As a distinguished artist, he has received numerous awards and recognitions in the art world on both national and international levels. Currently, he teaches watercolour painting in courses and workshops, participating in national and international competitions and exhibitions.

Your enthusiasm for Schmincke - 8 questions to Cesc

Since when and in which techniques do you mainly work?

I have been painting and drawing since I was young, but it wasn't until I started my career in architecture that I fell in love with watercolour. After completing my studies, I never stopped painting and dedicated myself professionally to illustrating architecture and other subjects in both watercolour and oil.

Do you have favourite themes? What inspires you?

My favourite themes are water and sky. In these themes I can best utilise the technical characteristics of watercolour and it is their richness and transience that inspire me the most. Underwater landscapes are my passion as they convey beauty and tranquility.

Where do you prefer to paint?

I usually prefer to paint in the studio, but I also enjoy painting outdoors and take every opportunity to do so. Painting by the sea or a mountain river is very fulfilling.

Do you remember your first Schmincke colour?

Yes! In 1991 at the Faculty of Architecture. I still have that metal box. You can say I learned watercolour painting with Schmincke. Back then, we worked a lot with sepia, Payne's gray, burnt sienna, ultramarine, ochre, lemon yellow, cadmium red, carmine, etc.

5. What are your favourite Schmincke colours? What makes them special?

These two HORADAM watercolours always work:

Cobalt Turquoise 14 509 - (Pigment: PG50) A shade with only one pigment, making it challenging to mix. It's a crucial colour for my water representations, very bright and perfect for blending with blue and grey for additional nuances.

Cobalt Violet Tone 14 473 - (Pigment: PV62) I like this colour for shadows and atmospheric perspectives. It has a slight granulating effect and is suitable as a translucent tone for many blends. An essential colour for my painting!

How and where can we learn from you?

I teach in regular classes with a fixed study group, both online and in person. Additionally, I conduct online workshops for the whole world. Since September 2020, numerous tutorials have been released through the platform Blurone (www.blurone.es/en).

I publish my watercolor paintings on my website www.cescfarre.com and on Instagram @cesc_farre_watercolors.

Through these channels, I am available for questions and answers, as well as at my exhibitions, which I always promote in advance.

The art of Cesc Farré