Flake white hue (Kremser White Tone) (11108)

The lead-free alternative to the toxic original “Kremser White”

  • Warm, semi-opaque white tone
  • Lead-free - without toxic ingredients
  • Accelerates drying
  • Improves flow
  • Lower opacity than Titanium White

Flake white hue is an excellent lead-free alternative to the classic “Kremser White.” Instead of the toxic pigment Lead White the substitute contains a combination of Titanium White and Zinc White pigments. These pigments along with safflower oil of exceptionally pure and light quality are processed into a slightly warm white tone.

Perfect painting characteristics and ideal for mixing

Flake white hue has slightly lower opacity and lightening power than Titanium White. When mixed with other oil colours the tone - like the original - accelerates drying and stabilises the film. Colours mixed with Flake white hue also acquire a buttery, smooth consistency that is easy to blend. Flake white hue is available in 35 ml and 120 ml tubes and can be combined with all Schmincke oil colours and mediums.