Mixed Media Collage with aqua LINOPRINT and AERO COLOR® Professional

We would like to present a material collage with prints and papers, drawings and more, made with aqua LINOPRINT and AERO COLOR® Professional colours by the French artist Denise Crolle-Terzaghi, who is an expert in creative mixed media and printing techniques and a great fan of our finest artists’ colours


  • 4 pieces of paper in different sizes, hand-printed with linoprint colours (brayed with a roller on a gelatin plate and marked with stencils or found objects)
  • Schmincke aqua LINOPRINT colours of your choice and ivory black (19735)
  • Schmincke AERO COLOR® Professional Black (28702) and one colour of your choice, here Cadmium orange tone (28204)
  • Schmincke AERO COLOR® Professional liner n°1
  • Thin string
  • Scrap of tarlatan and handwritten paper
  • Cutting and tracing material (mat, ruler, scissors, cutter knife, pencil, tracing paper, blotting paper)
  • Paper glue
  • A4 drawing paper
  • Stamp with alphabet letters

Step 1 and 2:

Take the biggest of your prepared hand printed papers and position it onto the drawing paper. Make some marks with a pencil to remember the best place and glue it onto the paper. Transfer your design using tracing paper and a pencil.

Step 3 and 4:

Fill up the AERO COLOR® Professional liner with AERO COLOR® Professional black. Shake it well and use it on a scrap of paper until you get a perfect line. Then use it to trace the design and doodle it. Dye the scrap of tarlatan with AERO COLOR® Professional ink (here Cadmium orange tone) and let it dry.

Step 5 and 6:

Glue the different papers slightly on top of each other starting on the right side of the design. Glue the piece of tarlatan on top of the papers.

Step 7 and 8:

Using a gelatin plate, a brayer and aqua LINOPRINT Ivory black, dye the string until it is completely black. Carefully lay the string onto the right side of the design making loops. Then press it onto the ground with a piece of blotting paper.

Step 9 and 10:

Take off the string carefully and let the print dry thoroughly. Ink the stamp with black aqua Linoprint colour and print the words " in love ".


The artist

The French artist Denise Crolle-Terzaghi has been working for more than 30 years as an artist and a writer of creative books, published in French and translated for some other European countries. She worked for different French and American paint companies and gave masterclasses in different countries (e.g. France, Russia, USA, Denmark). The idea of printing monotypes without a press first came into her mind in 2014 after having watched some videos from the American artist Linda Germain, whose work she found more artistic than crafty. As a writer as well as an artist she likes to build stories in her pictures. She also likes cutting paper and this technique requires a lot of die-cuts. Children, animals, flowers are her favourite subjects. She likes to introduce them into her illustrations. She also loves to work with collected and unexpected objects to make marks in the colour layers (for example dried herbs, sieves,...).

For more information look at the website of Denise: www.crolle-terzaghi.com

Find her artwork on www.etsy.com / The name of the shop is: CrolleTerzaghi