HORADAM® Aquarell Colourimetric classification

The colourimetric classification of the HORADAM Aquarell standard range can be a useful tool when selecting colours for painting and mixing.


From the outside inwards, the colour space shown becomes increasingly muted, the nuances increasingly denser, while the most brilliant colours are found in the outer area. The relative “colour temperature” in the system can also be estimated here. As the perceived brightness of the respective colour tone can not be depicted in the 2D representation of the threedimensional colour space shown here, many colours overlap. In addition, the white tones are not shown as they are, similar to the black tones located in the centre of the surface. Unfortunately, the the supergranulating colours can not be depicted as a single colour point due to their multicolour nature; the same applies to the metallic colours.

The primary colours yellow Y (215), magenta M (352) and cyan C (479) are highlighted by a larger colour field due to their colour-theoretical significance.