AQUA Lift-off-Medium

AQUA Lift-off-Medium
AQUA Lift-off-Medium
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for the preparation/ isolation of watercolour paper

This medium is for the preparation of watercolour paper so that already dreid colour can be removed afterwards, so a watercolour painting can be modified or corrected. Especially usefull for staining watercolours, which are hard to remove, marked with the triangle symbol. The medium has to be applied before the colour application, as it isolates the paper. Using very soft, textured paper types like e.g. rag paper, the medium has to be applied purely. For stronger sized papers the medium should be thinned with water. Pre-tests are recommended. As the Lift-off Medium dries to a water-insoluble film, it must never be put into the pans. Please clean tools as soon as possible with water and soap.

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60 ml

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